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Resources for Lipid Analysis in the 21st Century

These fragments have been reported to be formed during mass spectrometry of PhosphatidylCholines. For additional information, see Chapter 3, “Electrospray Ionization with Low-Energy Collisionally Activated Dissociation Tandem Mass Spectrometry of Complex Lipids: Structural Characterization and Mechanisms of Fragmentation”, by Fong-Fu Hsu and John Turk, in Modern Methods for Lipid Analysis by Liquid Chromatography/ Mass Spectrometry and Related Techniques, W. C. Byrdwell, Editor, AOCS Press, 2005.

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Disclaimer:  Not all fragments or adducts listed here are observed from every class of phospholipid.  Every possible adduct and most fragments have been listed here for the sake of thoroughness, whether they are actually observed or not. The page for each phospholipid class will be tailored as time permits.

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