Handbook of Advanced Chromatography / Mass Spectrometry Techniques
Chapter 6 - New Materials for Stationary Phases in Liquid Chromatography / Mass Spectrometry
by Monika Dittmann and Xiaoli Wang

Figure 6-11. Hydrophilicity versus ion-exchange selectivity plot of hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography phases; bare silica (•), amide (square), diol (up triangle), amine and/or triazole (down triangle), polymer substrate and/or polymer-coated silica (diamond), zwitterionic (+), RPLC (x), latex-coated silica (*), proprietary polar phase (>).

Reprinted with permission from Ibrahim, M.E.A., Liu, Y., Lucy, C.A., 2012. A simple graphical representation of selectivity in hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography. J. Chromatogr. A 1260, 126e131.

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