Handbook of Advanced Chromatography / Mass Spectrometry Techniques
Chapter 8 - Recent Advances in Comprehensive Two-Dimensional Liquid Chromatography
Francesco Cacciola, Paola Donato, Luigi Mondello, Paola Dugo

Figure 8-1. Contour plot (lambda = 450 nm) of the NP-LC x UHP-RP-LC PDA analysis of carotenoids in saponified red mamey. NP-LC, normal-phase liquid chromatography; PDA, photodiode array; RP-LC, reversed-phase liquid chromatography; UHP, ultrahigh pressure.

Reprinted with Permission from Springer: Cacciola, F., Giuffrida, D., Utczas, M., Mangraviti, D., Dugo, P., Menchaca, D., Murillo, E., Mondello, L., 2016b. Application of comprehensive two-dimensional liquid chromatography for carotenoid analysis in red mamey (Pouteria sapote) fruit. Food Anal. Methods 9, 2335-2341.

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