Handbook of Advanced Chromatography / Mass Spectrometry Techniques
Chapter 8 - Recent Advances in Comprehensive Two-Dimensional Liquid Chromatography
Francesco Cacciola, Paola Donato, Luigi Mondello, Paola Dugo

Figure 8-4. Contour plot for the online HILIC x RP-LC-UV-MS analysis of a 2013 Pinotage wine obtained at 500 nm. HILIC, hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography; MS, mass spectrometry; RP-LC, reversed-phase liquid chromatography.

Reproduced with permission from ACS. Reprinted with Permission from Springer: Willemse, C.M., Stander, M.A., Vestner, J., Tredoux, A.G.J., de Villiers, A., 2015. Comprehensive two dimensional hydrophilic interaction chromatography (HILIC) x reversed-phase liquid chromatography coupled to high resolution mass spectrometry (RP-LC-UV-MS) analysis of anthocyanins and derived pigments in red wine. Anal. Chem. 87, 12006-12015.

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