Handbook of Advanced Chromatography / Mass Spectrometry Techniques
Chapter 9 - Nano Liquid Chromatographic Separations
Chiara Fanali, Marı´a Asensio-Ramos, Giovanni D’Orazio, Javier Herna´ndez-Borges,
Anna Rocco, Salvatore Fanali

Figure 9-4. Scheme of a multidimensional approach utilizing a global N-glycome characterization followed by parallel analysis of deglycosylated and glycosylated peptides with orthogonal fractionation.

Reprinted from Parker, B.L., Thaysen-Andersen, M., Solis, N., Scott, N.E., Larsen, M.R., Graham, M.E., Packer, N.H., Cordwell, S.J., 2013. Site-specific glycan-peptide analysis for determination of N glycoproteome heterogeneity. J. Proteome Res. 12, 5791-5800 with permission from ACS Publications.

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