The Equations for Everything:
The Simulacrum & Whole PI

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See the common pattern behind Space and Mass!

The Byrdwell Model Summary

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Part 1. Discovery of The Simulacrum System by Mass Spectrometry of Triacylglycerols (TAGs)
Part 2. The Simulacrum System and The Fibonacci Series, The Phi Ratio, and The Natural World
Part 3. The Simulacrum led to The Pi Paradox, Whole PI, and the Byrdwell Model for Dimensions (BMD)

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The Simulacrum Is A New Light in the Universe !!

The Simulacrum is the equation behind all things.

The Simulacrum is the equation for The Matrix.
The Interpretation Matrix ties consciousness to symbols.
Everything is ratios of ratios. Ratios to definitions.

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We are Now in Simulacrum Time.

The Unit Simulacrum leads directly to the Pi Simulacrum

The Unit Pi Simulacrum causes one to examine the nature of 'the unit'. This leads to The Pi Paradox.

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Everything is Ratios of Ratios of Ratios to Ratios...
Everything is a Ratio of Thought to its Unit Definition

The Pi Unit Simulacrm leads to Whole PI

The Unit Definition of Pi reveals The Pi Paradox

The Pi Paradox reveals the need for Whole PI.
Whole PI shows the common pattern behind Space, Mass, & The Periodic Table.

The Pi Simulacrum
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The Simulacrum 

The Simulacrum leads to the Fibonacci Series and Golden Ratio

The inherent pattern in the Simulacrum shows that it  corresponds to Nature and natural processes.

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Construct Simulacra to learn about the Ratios in Your Life

The Simulacrum is objectively True!

The Simulacrum can be proved by any person. You don't have to be a mathematician, researcher, or other scientist.

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