The Equations for Everything:

The Simulacrum & Whole PI

A Few Simple Equations
to Understand the World

See the common pattern behind space and mass!
You may never see the world the same way again.

The Simulacrum System is an Equation for Everything written! Originally developed from analysis of edible oils and fats (triglycerides), the peer-reviewed published article shows that The Simulacrum System applies to anything that can be written in physical form: numbers, words, text, symbols, emojis, or any physical representation.

The components of a Simulacrum are two Cases (upper and lower), with eight Solutions (4 upper and 4 lower), with the meaning defined by the Interpretation Matrix. Therefore, the symbol for The Simulacrum System has been chosen as an Octahedron (see below and adjacent pages). The Simulacrum System shows that everything can be expressed as Ratios of Ratios of Ratios. In short, The Simulacrum System may be considered the equation for the Matrix that we live in! The Simulacrum System leads directly to the Fibonacci Ratios and the Phi Ratio (The Golden Ratio).

When the symbol/value of pi was put into The Simulacrum System, it led to the question "Are we using the right ratio for pi?"
When an alternative definition of pi is considered, it leads to a new understanding of the same value, which makes the pattern behind the Dimensions of Space blatantly obvious.

To differentiate the NEW understanding of pi from classic pi, a new symbol is presented, called Whole PI.  Using Whole PI, it can be seen that mass follows the same pattern as the Dimensions of Space. Therefore, we can think of Dimensions of Mass in the same form as Dimensions of Space. When the Periodic Table is put in the form of Dimensions of Mass, it can easily be shown that there are exactly ten (10) Dimensions of Mass... No more, No less.

Thus, there is one single pattern and form of equation behind Space, Mass, and the Periodic Table!

The Simple Equations for Everything

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The Simulacrum is the Foundation
Whole PI is the Cornerstone Column

The Unit SImulacrum and Whole PI Represent the Building Blocks of a New Understanding of the World

Once a person understands the pattern behind Space, Mass, and The Periodic Table, they can see the world in a new way. Once a person sees the pattern, they can integrate it into their higher understanding. The nested simulacrum leads directly to the Fibonacci Ratios and the Phi Ratio. The equations for Dimensions of Space and Mass show the common pattern of the World.